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*THE WORLD'S MOST GLITTERY GLITTER- 75g diamond dust by Stuart Semple

*THE WORLD'S MOST GLITTERY GLITTER- 75g diamond dust by Stuart Semple

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Note: Diamond Dust is also available in 500g bulk bag here

Super sparkly high-grade natural glitter by Stuart Semple 

This super-glitter by Stuart Semple is available to everyone except Anish Kapoor! (who won't share his black!). This substance is available exclusively from CultureHustle.com.


The majority of glitters are made from plastics which give an artificial look when they reflect light. Diamond Dust is different as it is made from tiny flakes of glass, when these reflect light it achieves a unique diamond-like effect.

Stuart's Diamond Dust is different! Over the last decade he has been collaborating with an industrial chemical company (they normally use these glass flakes to re-enforce concrete for building coatings). There is nothing like this substance available anywhere to the art community.

Unlike normal diamond dust, Stuart's 'super-shards' are larger and in random, irregular shapes meaning they reflect more light from more angles.

Stuart has used the highest grade glass possible which means is is almost perfectly clear (99.8% clarity if you want to get geeky). When you encrust your art with it it's almost invisible! These shards are also super-flat meaning they lay down neatly on your surface. 

If you sprinkle this over your art you'll still see your art perfectly through it! 


Treat it as glitter, so use a varnish, PVA glue or gel medium. Sprinkle from a height to achieve an even covering. 


Remember these are tiny shards of glass you are playing with! So please be sensible, wear gloves if you handle it, clean up after you, don;t use it near food. You really don't want a glass splinter! If you have kids please supervise them and don't let them use this on their own. Use common sense please, we don't want any accidents. 

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